Saturday, October 25, 2008

autumn in my back yard

Everything is still very-very green, not the right shade of green for autumn, but then we are in the south - this is Texas - and most of the time we have to look what the calendar says in order to "feel" the season... Then this morning a monarch butterfly showed up and gave me a tour of my back yard's season changes... I saw her from the window, grabbed my camera and started following her smooth, hungry flight from plant to plant; all of a sudden I realized that what I thought was still a persistent lingering state of summer, had been transformed into a fall backdrop: the seeding plants, the rust markings on the palm branches, colorful berries, acorns half eaten by the squirrels everywhere, and this butterfly stopping in my backyard for a rest on her long migratory journey to the south, showing me/reminding me that yes: fall is here!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

at the studio...

Here are the results of a good day's work!
Actually the  whole process has taken a few days... The final reduction on this linocut was done this morning and in the afternoon I did the third and final color printing at the studio. I thought it will be interesting to photograph the various stages.
from top: 
*printing of the 2nd color-plate on the left/print on the right.
*view of the plate next to the rolled ink and brayer. 
*completed prints next to one still at the previous stage.
*prints drying on the rack.
It feels so good completing a project, thinking and planning the next one, getting ready for a new week... I hope it's a good one for everyone!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

this and that...

It was one of those weekends that you think it's going to be lazy and non productive and then you end up doing so much!
Saturday I finally took the prints that need to be framed for the exhibit: I just made it! The poor guy promised me he will have them ready on time. Phew! 
I also did a whole bunch of marbling and now I have a good stack of papers to choose from! (Still cannot believe I am doing this and with such success!)
The weather looks like summer but starts feeling like fall and the evenings are getting cool... Oh, how I wish for a color change... everything is  still so very green!
More and more birds are coming back -I guess they are also forgetting Ike's noisy and brutal visit... exactly one month ago. 
A new week-a new start tomorrow.
"Chrysalis" and "Autumn stories": mixed media monoprints 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

bringing autumn in...

I love nature's ways of preparing us for the new season: the show of colors, the special perfumes and smells, the dramatic change of temperature... Where I live fall is late to come -some  years it just doesn't come at all!
Well, living here you have to put a helping hand in order to somehow participate in this, you need to do whatever it takes in order to truly feel that the days and months of summer have ended; you have to find a way to physically, psychologically and emotionally feel, accept and become in tune with the progression of time, with nature's way of showing the transition path from the intense and brilliant summer colors to the calmness and coldness of winter's grays...
So I do what most people here do, I decorate our home for the season; in my own kind of particular way I display my pumpkin, rooster and vegetable watercolors all over the house as a backdrop to nature's true chef d'oeuvres: gourds of all kinds, multicolored pumpkins, seasonal indian corn; this is my way for truly bringing and welcoming autumn to our home!
"making friends" , colored ink on xuan paper by Anna Mavromatis / swan gourd by mother nature!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

All in a day's work!

Can you believe it?
These beautiful patterned papers were created by me!
Yesterday I took a super exhilarating Master Class on the art of paper marbling at the Museum of Printing History.
The class was given by Galen Barry whose work is absolutely amazing! My end of the day's colorful paper stack (and all of the other participants') proves that Galen is not only a superb marbler but also a first class teacher! In 5 hours of super intense work he transformed us from wide eyed ignorant observers to paint dripping paper marbling artists. I can't wait to do more on my own!
The last few weeks have been rather foggy; hurricane Ike's misery and the passing of my good friend's mother have made us feel the fragility of our sunny reality; creating once again brings back the thrill and joy of existence.
prints from my new work: "stages"
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