Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike: the morning after...

These photos are showing part of our new reality since the dramatic visit of hurricane Ike.
What I can not show is life in a humid, dark, without power, without phone lines, without any phone signal for our cellular phones to function chapter in our after Ike's visit lives. The piles of debris are getting taller and taller; the cables hanging and interlacing torn trunks and hanging tree limbs and the absence of squirrels and the colorful birds and rabbits visiting our yard is our new landscape.

Ike: five days after the storm

the bright side: we are cleaning up!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

new project: the art of bookbinding!

this is my new adventure: hands on in the centuries old, noble art of bookmaking.
Second week into the course and here are two examples of my 1st class project: the creation of a portfolio! I first started by making the brown and black one using hand made paper from my collection and then I had the brightest idea of using an inkjet print of one of my rooster* paintings for the second; impossible to describe how "high" I felt with the result!!!
* original painting sold and now hanging in its new home in China!!! 
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