Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am in Beijing!

Since Tuesday I am in the most thrilling place to be: Beijing!
So unbelievably complex, so incredibly modern, so amazingly full of the old tradition, the thousand years old ways hand in hand with the ultra slick, super new: a city ready to shine even more with their Olympics! I cannot believe that I am here!
Unfortunatelly internet access time is costing me a fortune, therefore I promise to write much more about this fascinating place in its most landmark time in the future!
From this part of the word have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

in a flash!

That's what was waiting for me this morning, in one of my planters on my patio! These beautiful nature's sculptures!!!
I had  seen them before, but by the time I got my camera to photograph them, they were gone!
Actually they just turned gray and disappeared, after a few hours in their morning glory; by noon they were almost completely gone.
This time I was quick, I couldn't miss photographing their unbelievable pleated shapes.
Could they be fairies' gowns left by my flowers after a night's dance?

Monday, July 7, 2008

in view!

Here is one of the prints from my Memory Journal series titled: "racing memory".
It has been chosen for the juried exhibit show and it's presently in view at the gallery until July 25th! I stopped by, checked out its whereabouts -as far as placement/positioning goes- and I must admit... I am thrilled!!! 
Actually I am impressed AND inspired! There are all kinds of beautiful examples of printmaking, sculpture, painting, photography, etc.;  so much beautiful work, so much talent!
Well, feeling like that the best thing to do is  get back to work!
Have a good and creative afternoon everyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my blue Jay friend

once again he was right here, outside my window earlier on, today.
and although I was immersed into a photo layout project, I did sense his movement, looked up, grabbed my camera and here he is: so full of it, so happy and so blue!
fly safe Blue!

A new start!

Well, I finally did it: my own blog!
I have been toying with the idea for quite some time, but then it was never the right time, or there was no time or I kept postponing it for some next time.
Tonight -I guess- the time came and I can almost feel it... it's the right time!
What I am planning to record here is a sample of my everyday happenings, the highlight of my ephemera. For my own self centered interest and also for the benefit of my dear ones who are spread around the world; thanks to this blog their email is going to lighten up (I promise I will be sending less "visual" attachments) as they will be viewing the results of the hours spent in the studio and elsewhere  in these pages, at their convenience at their call! 
So I am beginning and I hope to keep my promise to myself and try to post regularly and often...

That's it for tonight,
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